About Us

Responsible, sustainable tourism is more important than ever. Responsible travel benefits the environment and helps local communities. Discerning travelers look for accommodations, dining and activities that offer unique, quality service while contributing to the community.

Collective for Good – Siem Reap, Cambodia is a group of organizations, social enterprises and ethical businesses who practice responsible, sustainable tourism. Members provide visitors an excellent experience while making a positive impact on the local community. We believe travelers don’t need to sacrifice excellence for sustainability.

Collective for Good members belong separately to a variety of responsible and sustainable tourism organizations. These organizations provide continuing education and development programs to assure best practices are being followed. 

Collective for Good members commit to following environmentally, socially and economically responsible practices. Primary service and responsibility factors include:

  • Environment
    • Single use plastic reduction
    • Recycling
    • Biodegradable packaging
    • Water conservation
    • Community cleanup participation
  • Social & Economic
    • Registered, tax-paying businesses
    • Local sourcing
    • Fair pay and employment
    • Formal child protection policy
    • Financially support social causes
  • Opportunity & Equality
    • Fair and equal compensation packages
    • Non-descrimination practices
    • Staff training and personal development
  • Service quality
    • Minimum 4.5* Google Rating
    • Minimum 4* TripAdvisor Rating

Travelers have done their research and want to ensure their money really does make a difference in the lives of many.  – Christian deBoer, Jaya House River Park


ChildSafe Movement

ChildSafe is a movement actively protecting children and youth, involving everyone by giving them the tools to take part in child protection.

Refill Not Landfill logo - Siem Reap Cambodia

RefillNotLandfill is a global campaign to reduce single-use plastic drinking bottles and other single-use plastic waste.

Planeterra Global Tourism Network

Planeterra is the world’s leading non-governmental organization turning travel into impact in communities.

Destination Mekong

Destination Mekong is a public-private partnership, promoting responsible, sustainable tourism in the Mekong region.

ConCERT Cambodia logo

ConCERT helps people make informed choices about how to offer support by providing information on a range of projects in Cambodia, volunteer placement, child protection workshops and presentations to visiting groups.